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Eligibility Requirements to migrate to Ontario

Work experience
  • At least one year experience during the last ten years, directly related to your credential
  • Experience in any skilled occupation eligible ( 7400 JOB TITLES )

  • IELTS General test
  • 7 each for each band - IF below 30 years, possesses a master’s degree and 3 year experience
  • If above 29 years - 8 For listening and 7 each for other three bands

  • Qualification requirement

    (Qualification Requirement Varies according to the age)

  • Age below 41 -PhD, Masters, MBBS, LLB, Veterinary , Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy OR
    Two qualifications (While one qualification should be a degree, the second credential should be at least one year recognized credential
  • Age below 35 - Bachelor degree

  • Province of Ontario from time to time (not throughout the year) issues invitations to apply. If that application is successful, chances under the Express Entry Program is very high.

    Migration selection possible in two weeks

    Work Experience
  • 3 years of Skilled Work Experience during the last ten years, directly related to your credential
  • Experience in any skilled occupation eligible (7400 JOB TITLES are eligible)

  • IELTS General Test
  • Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 7, Speaking 7

  • Qualification Requirement

    (Qualification Requirement Varies according to the age)

  • Age below 30
    Recognized 3 year diploma or Bachelor Degree

  • Age between 30 – 35 - Recognized 3 year Diploma / Bachelor Degree + 1 year recognized certificate/diploma or Masters or PhD, LLB, MBBS, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy

    (Trade Qualifications does not meet the eligibility to apply eg. Cookery, Carpentry, Motor Mechanism etc)

  • If you do not meet the above criteria, you may still become eligible in the future with the changes to criteria or lowering of selection thresholds. Please be connected with our Facebook page - Zenith Immigration for updates.

    However, your exact eligibility can only be determined after an individual assessment made by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

    Group Consultation

    Session 1 Information Presentation and Questions Session
    Session 2 Migration Points Assessment, possible different Express Entry Points scenarios for each person and advice on points increasing possibilities
    (Only those who have attended the session 1 will be eligible to attend the session 2)
    Date – Saturday, 24th February 2018
    Venue – Zenith Immigration Inc, 01, Samudra Devi Mawatha, Ethul  Kotte
    Group Consultation Facilitation Fee - Rs. 2,500
    Seat Reservation – Prior Reservation is Required
    Please transfer or deposit the Group Consultation Facilitation Fee of Rs. 2500 (Refundable when you proceed as a Registered Zenith Client) and email the payment slip image to contact@zenithimmigration.ca or WhatsApp to 0777 261 843 to reserve a seat for you
    Account : 1870029392 
    Account Name: Zenith Immigration Consultants Commercial Bank, Kohuwala Branch

    Individual Consultation

    Prior reservation is required by Calling Heshan on 0777009200
    Consultation will be for a maximum of 10-15 minutes
    Consultation Fee - 7500 (non refundable)
    Account No : 1870029392 
    Account Name: Zenith Immigration Consultants
    Commercial Bank, Kohuwala Branch 

    General Assessment

    The above is only a general assessment scenario prepared by Zenith Immigration Inc.Due to the ever changing selection thresholds and each client’s situation being different, your eligibility and whether Zenith Immigration is willing to accept you as a client will only be determined after an individual assessment is made by our consultant Bandula Abeysinghe, Attorney at Law. This will be determined in a group consultation which will then be followed by a one on one session with our consultant.

    Ontario Selection

    From time to time, the province of Ontario invites applicants to apply who has scored over 400 Express Entry points. The applicant then has to submit a separate application for Ontario province and if successful, the Ontario selection will add 600 Express Points. This will get you selected from the Express Entry pool within 2 weeks and you will receive the 1st Selection (ITA) from the Government of Canada. After providing any further information requested and completing medical and criminal background checks successfully, you could then migrate to Canada with the family within six months under the Express Entry Program.

    Lower IELTS

    Getting lower IELTS results and applicants above 35 years of age may become eligible for Selectionfor Selection within two weeks or Selection to migrate to Ontario in the future. Immediate selection point threshold was 886 in 2015 January. It has come down gradually to around 400 (Ontario Province selects applicants over 400 marks) during the last two years giving more opportunities to applicants. While Zenith Immigration cannot guarantee, it is expected that the selection threshold will go further down in the future. Keep visiting our website for regular updates.